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Wood, Kull, Herschfus, Obee & Kull, P.C. is committed to providing the best resources to our clients — not only through our services, but through our website as well. 

Below is a valuable list of links pertaining to law, real estate and housing, local and federal government and more. Clicking a link below will open a new browser window and take you to the site, while allowing you to return here whenever you would like.

Michigan Secretary of State

Telephone directory

Martindale-Hubbel Lawyer referral information

Search and print Plat Maps for entire state of Michigan

Michigan Association of Realtors® (MAR) forms and information

Current information on CD and Mortgage rates

Current and historical CPI data makes calculations a snap

Current and Historical stock prices

Search for attorneys by name

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Wood, Kull, Herschfus, Obee & Kull, P.C.

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