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  1. Wood, Kull, Herschfus, Obee & Kull, P.C. (“Wood Kull”) is a Michigan law firm. Its attorneys are licensed to practice law only in the state of Michigan. Laws vary from state to state. Wood Kull does not offer legal services or provide legal advice outside Michigan.

  2. All information provided by this form of social media is provided for general information and educational purposes only. It is not legal advice and should not be relied on in any specific situation. Instead, you are advised to consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction for legal advice pertaining to you and any specific situation. ANY TAX INFORMATION IN THIS SOCIAL MEDIAL WAS NOT INTENDED OR WRITTEN TO BE USED AND CANNOT BE USED, FOR THE PURPOSE OF (I) AVOIDING FEDERAL, STATE OR LOCAL TAX PENALTIES OR (II) FOR PROMOTING, MARKETING OR RECOMMENDING TO ANOTHER PARTY ANY TAX RELATED MATTERS ADDRESSED THEREIN.

  3. Any links to third-party content are provided for information purposes only. Wood Kull does not endorse, authorize or sponsor the content or its respective sponsors. Wood Kull is not responsible for the content of the website or the collection or use of information regarding the website’s users and/or members.

  4. The author’s opinions are subject to change without notice. Information shared was received from sources believed to be reliable, but accuracy is not guaranteed.

  5. As federal and state tax rules are subject to frequent changes, you should consult with a qualified tax advisor prior to making any business or investment decision.

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