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Assembling Your Own (Estate Planning) Team

Some of us may enjoy games like fantasy football that allow us to assemble our own star team with the players we think will provide the most value. While fantasy football is fun to participate in, have you ever given thought to the importance of establishing your own dream team? Just like in fantasy football, each player has their own strengths and addresses a different part of the game that leads to the team’s overall success. Consequently, it is no secret that having a solid team of quality professionals allows us to ensure that all aspects of our future can be planned for. It can take an entire team, all with different strengths, to successfully plan for life’s foreseen and unforeseen events. Working with quality professionals enables you to ensure that you are creating the best possible comprehensive plan and that it is done the right way.

With a proper team of professionals, you can feel secure, knowing that all facets of your future are being considered when your team collectively strategizes the best structure to adequately address your finances, family dynamics, business ownership, insurance needs, and tax considerations, all while achieving the end goal of promoting family harmony.

Who Should Be on Your Team?

Estate Planning Attorney

In the intricate game of estate and legacy planning, an estate planning attorney often assumes a role similar to that of the quarterback, directing and coordinating the team’s strategies to achieve your desired outcomes. Their expertise allows them to create a plan that ensures that your money and property are protected, your loved ones are provided for, and your wishes are upheld, even beyond your lifetime. Our role is not limited to establishing wills and trusts—we have the ability to foresee common challenges, preserve family harmony, and ensure seamless transitions during life’s unpredictable events through comprehensive planning. Just as the quarterback anticipates opponents’ moves and directs the team accordingly, we can foresee legal challenges and ensure that all components of your plan for the future work harmoniously.

Financial Advisor

Engaging a financial advisor as part of your team can be an investment in clarity and strategic financial management and growth. With the ever-changing economic landscape, navigating the financial realm can be daunting for both novices and more seasoned investors alike. A financial advisor can utilize their expertise to tailor strategies that align with your unique situation and future goals. Having a financial expert dedicated to your financial well-being allows for a proactive approach to wealth management, ensuring that potential opportunities are optimized and pitfalls are avoided. In essence, a financial advisor is not just a valuable team member but a

cornerstone for a sound financial future, helping you build, preserve, and optimize your wealth for success.

Insurance Agent

Enlisting an insurance agent as part of your team is important to protect you and your loved ones against unforeseen events. An adept insurance agent can help you navigate which insurance is most appropriate to ensure that you are protected and prepared. Insurance agents can often use their industry experience to tailor recommendations based on your specific needs and circumstances. Beyond assisting you in selecting appropriate policies, a good insurance agent can help educate you about your coverage and explain sometimes complicated policy terminology. In a world filled with uncertainties, an insurance agent is a valuable team member, helping you strategically secure not only your accounts and property but also your peace of mind.

Tax Professional or Certified Public Accountant

Incorporating a tax professional or certified public accountant (CPA) into your team is a strategic move to ensure financial prudence and compliance. The complexities of tax codes, regulations, and deductions can be overwhelming, and even minor oversights can result in significant financial implications or potential penalties. A seasoned tax professional or CPA does not simply crunch numbers; they provide invaluable counsel, leveraging their expertise to optimize tax strategies, identify potential savings, and ensure accurate and timely filings. Beyond your annual tax needs, a tax professional or CPA can offer you year-round guidance, helping both individuals and businesses make informed decisions that align with both immediate needs and long-term goals. Ultimately, a tax professional or CPA is your safeguard against costly mistakes and the team member that can help protect your financial health.

Spiritual Advisor

A spiritual advisor has the potential to serve as your team’s anchor amid life’s chaos. They can offer you guidance on important questions and inner challenges, helping you navigate the world and connect with deeper purposes. In a world that can often be focused on material pursuits, your spiritual advisor can help realign your focus with core values and holistic well-being.

Business Advisor

Lastly, a business advisor can serve as a valuable team member. In the complex world of business, where the market and strategies are consistently evolving, this team member can bring a wealth of expertise, fresh perspective, and objective analysis to your business. Their insight can serve to protect your business from costly mistakes and help formulate strategic plans that align with your business’s short- and long-term goals. Overall, a business advisor can ensure that your business is properly structured and optimized for success.

We Can Help

You may have already assembled your dream team, or there may be positions that still need to be filled. We are happy to assist you with your estate planning needs and provide you with referrals to quality professionals to finalize your team.


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